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Electricity, we love it but we want options...

Electricity... Useful, indispensable, needed, loved but we want options...

Why do we need electricity? We need it for almost everything we do, either for work or for pleasure and everything in between... but when its time to pay the bill sometime we crunch, complain, and even rant about it. Reality is that Electric Utilities provide us with great abundance of electricity with the push of a button, the turn of a switch, and sometimes we use it without even noticing. Electricity has become a crucial part of our communities, our development within our society, bringing both positive and negative impact.

Locally, I believe our electric company give us great service, but the one thing we sometimes complain about is that we do not get to choose our electric service provider. We all like options like in every other things and services we purchase. We choose the car we drive, we choose the restaurant we eat at, the grocery store we shop in, the house we live in... plus hundreds of other service providers we select during our lifetime, but when it comes to electricity in El Paso, we only have one option, or so we thought.

Why do we like to have options? We like them because we can keep our service providers competitive, honest, cordial, attentive, ready to serve and/or satisfy our needs, and because we have options, service providers look for ways to improve their offerings, they evolve, they innovate, they transform their markets, and in the process sometimes they transform themselves as well as the competition around them vertically and horizontally. Nothing ever stays static. Options have become the status quo of consumers, and when it comes to electricity we all feel we want options as well. We would like to have a little or some kind of control of where and from whom we get the electricity that we all need so much.

Yes, currently we only have one Electric Service provider that provides us with really good, reliable infrastructure, but that doesn't mean that we don't have options. We do have a very large energy supplier called "SUN". It shows up every day and its available to be used to generate some or all of the electricity that we require. Is it FREE?... well, not really. We do have to acquire equipment to be able to capture it and convert it into usable electricity for our everyday needs.

Now that you know that your other option is to use the "SUN" to generate electricity, you also have options to choose your Solar Energy Service Provider. You have BORDER SOLAR, which has been in the borderland since 2008, in addition to other local solar companies that serve the same territory. There are options aside from the local utility, you just need to choose. Thousands of customers in El Paso have already done so.


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