• J Ruiz

Hot Summer

Hello friends.. this summer has been so far unusually Hot, even our local utility has mentioned that electricity users have been cranking up the use of their air conditioner and never in the history of the utility the community has use this much electricity, most of it driven by the hot temperatures and the use of the Air Conditioners. This is very common, and is going to become the norm, more and more new homes are being built with AC units rather than Evaporative Cooling systems, not as a luxury but as a necessity, old Evap System no longer work because of the microclimates created by the growth of our city, which has pros and cons as everything else.

In a sense this has been very good for business as people and businesses are looking for ways to control their energy costs and have some sort of energy independence with the use of Solar panels on their properties and generate all or a portion of their electricity needs.

If you have already decided to install solar panels, congratulations and thank you for supporting clean solar power which will generate clean electricity for over 30 years, even more if you have Sunpower panels. but if you are still undecided contact us to get your FREE assessment by one our team members which will explain everything you need to know to see if Solar Energy is the right fit for your needs. Until next time, have a wonderful rest of the summer. .


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