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Time flies, its been years since I last wrote about energy efficiency, green building or Solar Energy, but things have been extremely busy here at the office, and between managing Border Solar, SENERCON and everything in between you loose track of time to start writing, but now I have committed myself to start writing again, and keep our audience with new and exciting content. This last year has been challenging and excited between growing the business and the family, well... you get the picture.

Now lets get to the content from the title of this post; first of all, Energy Efficiency, the most important and significant change its the full implementation of the new energy code in El Paso IECC 2015, in the last months I have seen a huge improvement on the features home builders are including in their New Homes in El Paso, in addition to the introduction of solar energy in hundreds of new homes built by both entry level and custom home builders. WOW.. this is incredible!

Today New Home Builders have options to meet the energy code, either they choose a prescribed system or they choose the performance path by selecting to have a 3rd party verification company, such as our sister company SENERCON to show costumers the energy performance of Homes, through the HERS Index, which stands for Home Energy Rating Systems, this is being implemented by most National Home builders as a way to differentiate their homes and show a standardized tools to compare Energy Efficiency among homes, and acts as a Miles Per Gallon (MPG) for homes.

Traditionally the HERS Index goes from 0 to 100 or higher, the lower the number the more energy efficient the home is, once a home reached 0 (ZERO) it means its a Zero Energy Homes, which means that the home produces as much energy as it consumes, which is the ultimate goals for Energy Sustainability, which in our region is possible by using Solar energy.

I hope this was helpful, and remember to think about the impact that the decisions you make today will have in our communities in the future, be conscious, be proactive… its our responsibility for future generations.


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